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  1. Slower, shorter, sadder: a qualitative study exploring how dog walks change when the canine participant develops osteoarthritis

    Contributor(s):: Belshaw, Z., Dean, R., Asher, L.

  2. [The influence of minority sociolinguistic context on home support for seniors in a rural devitalized area: the case of Acadieville New Brunswick]

    Contributor(s):: Simard, M., Dupuis-Blanchard, S., Villalon, L., Gould, O., Ethier, S., Gibbons, C.

  3. Looking to the future: adolescents with cerebral palsy talk about their aspirations - a narrative study

    Contributor(s):: Cussen, Amy, Howie, Linsey, Imms, Christine

  4. Boredom is the enemy

    Contributor(s):: Hayes, N.

  5. Personal, social and environmental determinants of educational inequalities in walking: a multilevel study

    Contributor(s):: Ball, K., Timperio, A., Salmon, J., Giles-Corti, B., Roberts, R., Crawford, D.

  6. The impact of dog walking on leisure-time physical activity: results from a population-based survey of Michigan adults

    Contributor(s):: Reeves, M. J., Rafferty, A. P., Miller, C. E., Lyon-Callo, S. K.

  7. Animal-assisted therapy ameliorates anhedonia in schizophrenia patients. A controlled pilot study

    Contributor(s):: Nathans-Barel, I., Feldman, P., Berger, B., Modai, I., Silver, H.

  8. Head injuries related to sports and recreation activities in school-age children and adolescents: data from a referral centre in Victoria, Australia

    Contributor(s):: Crowe, L. M., Anderson, V., Catroppa, C., Babl, F. E.