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  1. One-to-one therapeutic recreation activities for the bed and/or room bound

    Contributor(s):: Forsythe, Emma

    Describes several types of therapeutic activities that can be utilized by the recreation professional when planning programs for the isolated nursing home resident. Four components of milieu therapy are discussed: reality orientation, sensory stimulation, remotivation therapy, and...

  2. Animal-assisted activities: sample programs

    Contributor(s):: Richeson, Nancy E., McCullough, William T.

  3. One swine day

    Contributor(s):: Montgomery, Sy, Booth, Darren

  4. Selecting, buying, and training a dog in your later years

    Contributor(s):: Vollmer, P. J.

  5. Retirement, life satisfaction, and leisure services: the pet connection

    Contributor(s):: Norris, P. A., Shinew, K. J., Chick, G., Beck, A. M.

  6. Animal-assisted therapy: its value in therapeutic recreation programming

    Contributor(s):: Gustafson, G. R., Dorenden, L. G.

    Facets are identified which make companion animals excellent recreation 'intervention aids' in improving the quality of life and leisure experiences of individuals with special needs. Various settings in which animals can be used by therapeutic recreation personnel are outlined. It was found that...