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  1. Oct 23 2017

    AVMA Annual Economic Summit

    The AVMA veterinary economics team, various allied groups, educational leaders and industry leaders come together to present the current data and research regarding issues impacting the financial...

  2. Jul 21 2017

    2017 AVMA Convention

    No matter what your interest, you will discover it at the American Veterinary Medical Association Convention. Participate in hands-on labs, interactive sessions, panels and lectures taught by the...

  3. Should Pets Have the Same Legal Rights as People?

    | Contributor(s):: Grimm, David

  4. Jan 07 2016

    2016 AVMA Veterinary Leadership Conference & House of Delegates Winter Session

    The VLC offers a robust three days of networking and workshop opportunities designed with you in mind. Tracks for current and emerging leaders, and state and allied representatives, are offered....

  5. Sep 21 2015

    Annual AVMA Economic Summit

    Understanding the veterinary economic markets can help you and others you work with operate your business efficiently, effectively and profitably. An informed professional who understands how...

  6. What Your Pet Reveals about You

  7. American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians Newsletter, Volume 34 (Summer 2014)

    Full-text: Available

    Contents:Human-Animal Bond Track at AVMA.....2Therapy Animals.....5AVMA Presentation Previews.....6

  8. Jul 25 2014

    2014 AVMA Annual Convention

    Our CE will inspire the veterinarian in you, but it's our host city that will inspire your non-scientific side. With 300 days of sunshine yearly and the majestic Rocky Mountains, inspiration awaits...

  9. AVMA Animal Welfare Hub

    At the animal welfare hub, you'll find easy access to the AVMA's animal welfare policies, guidelines, literature reviews and other trusted resources. You'll also find information on all aspects of animal well-being across a range of species, including proper breeding and selection, housing,...

  10. A showcase for veterinarians: Smithsonian exhibition celebrates human-animal bond, marks 150th anniversary of AVMA

    | Contributor(s):: Burns, Katie

  11. Introducing Pets & People, a New Series Exploring the Impact of Animal Companionship on Human Health

    19 Jul 2013 | Posted by Christopher C Charles

    Pets & People is an innovative new book series designed to ensure that the science behind the human-animal bond is accessible to the professionals who apply their understanding of this unique...