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  1. Evaluation of a novel canine activity monitor for at-home physical activity analysis

    Full-text: Available

    Contributor(s):: Jonathan M. Yashari, Colleen G. Duncan, Felix M. Duerr

    Background: Accelerometers are motion-sensing devices that have been used to assess physical activity in dogs. However, the lack of a user-friendly, inexpensive accelerometer has hindered the widespread use of this objective outcome measure in veterinary research. Recently, a smartphone-based,...

  2. Study of aggression by dogs, according to the kind of interaction between dog and victim and motivating circumstances in the accidents, Municipality of Sao Paulo, 2008 to 2009Estudo das agressoes por caes, segundo tipo de interacao entre cao e vitima

    Contributor(s):: Paranhos, N. T., Silva, E. A., Bernardi, F., Mendes, M. C. N. C., Junqueira, D. M. A. G., Souza, I. O. M., Albuquerque, J. O. M., Alves, J. C. M., Machado, M. N. P.

  3. Dog Parks: Benefits and Liabilities

    Contributor(s):: Laurel Allen

    Dog parks have emerged in the last decade or so as places for pet owners living in suburban and urban areas to exercise their dogs. Providing a safe environment for both dog and human is a tremendous challenge. If done correctly a dog park can be that place. In the 1950s and 1960s, some state and...

  4. An examination of the relations between human attachment, pet attachment, depression, and anxiety

    Contributor(s):: Quinn, Aaron Christopher

    The roles of pets in families and their positive impact on mood have been reported by some studies (Becker, 1999; Garrity, Stallones, Marx, & Johnson, 1989). Additionally, some research has found that the more attached humans are to their pets, the more they feel emotionally supported...

  5. Effects of brief exposure to a pet therapy dog on affective states of HIV-positive men

    Contributor(s):: Pepper, Tory Deborah

  6. Individual differences and pet ownership status: Distinguishing among different types of pet owners and non-owners

    Contributor(s):: Merrill, Shannon M.

  7. Loss of a companion animal: A study of grief and disenfranchisement of bereaved pet owners

    Contributor(s):: Minor, Donna Marie

  8. Marital functioning and dog ownership: An exploratory study

    Contributor(s):: Smith, Amanda D.

  9. Mixed vs pure breed dogs: Reported personality characteristics of owners, their dogs, and reasons for ownership

    Contributor(s):: Quinn-Kerins, Catherine

  10. Personality characteristics of dog owners with specific breed preferences

    Contributor(s):: Notarangelo, Kathy Elizabeth

  11. Relationships among affiliation with companion animals, attachment style, depression, loneliness, satisfaction with life, and self-esteem: Implications for human candidate selection for adjunctive use of companion animals

    Contributor(s):: Taggart, Lee Ann Peabody

  12. Retirement, life satisfaction, and pet ownership: Please don't take my sunshine away

    Contributor(s):: Norris, Patricia Ann Castle

  13. Risk factors and correlates of hurting animals by children

    Contributor(s):: Kathleen Ann Rooney

    This dissertation is a secondary analysis of a preexisting dataset, the Longitudinal Studies of Child Abuse and Neglect (LONGSCAN), Assessments 0-4 produced by the National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect (NDACAN) located in the Family Development Center at Cornell University (2001). This...

  14. The effect of pet ownership on physical well-being in older adults

    Contributor(s):: Pohnert, Tami S.

  15. The human-animal bond's role with the abused child

    Contributor(s):: Nebbe, Linda Jean

  16. The impact of childhood chronic illness and the role of companion animals

    Contributor(s):: McClaskey, Barbara R.

  17. The impact of pet ownership and attachment on the health and health care use of the elderly in Wellington County, Ontario

    Contributor(s):: Raina, Parminder S.

  18. The phenomenology of elderly pet ownership: Partners in survival

    Contributor(s):: Schulman, Karen R.

  19. The relationship between pet ownership, adult attachment, and well-being

    Contributor(s):: Pelletier, Stephanie Rita

  20. A comparison of personality variables of pet owners and non-pet owners

    Contributor(s):: Chouinard, Betsy Ellen