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  1. Physically disabled adolescents' experience of therapeutic riding : a phenomenological investigation

    Contributor(s):: Suzette Weideman

    This dissertation serves as a report of a qualitative exploration of the experience of adolescents with physical disabilities during therapeutic horse-riding. The aim of the study is to understand the impact of therapeutic riding on the lived world of the participants in this unique form of...

  2. Examining the Meaning of Training Animals: A Photovoice Study With At-Risk Youth

    Contributor(s):: Williams, Rachel L., Metz, Alexia E.

  3. 2008 SNRS abstracts -- C

  4. Benefits of the therapeutic horseback riding for an adolescent female with traumatic brain injury

    Contributor(s):: Mallkin, Marjorie J., Lloyd, Leslie Freels, Gerstenberger, Deirdre