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  1. [Hippotherapy--a supplementary treatment for motion disturbance caused by cerebral palsy (author's transl)]

    Contributor(s):: Tauffkirchen, E.

  2. Intervention for an Adolescent With Cerebral Palsy During Period of Accelerated Growth

    Contributor(s):: Reubens, R., Silkwood-Sherer, D. J.

  3. Reliability of gait and balance measures in children with cerebral palsy, and immediate effects of a hippotherapy session on gait and balance measures in children with cerebral palsy

    Contributor(s):: McGee, Margaret Carolyn

  4. Steps To Your Dreams Foundation

    Steps To Your Dreams Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to offer programs with a high standard of medical leadership that has a beneficial impact to the underserved families and the lives of individuals with disabilities of all ages, throughout Clark and surrounding...

  5. Front Range Hippotherapy

    Hippotherapy Physical Therapy Services in the Boulder/Longmont Area Hippotherapy can be a valuable physical therapy tool for individuals with mental and physical disabilities. Our physical therapist has over 18 years of experience and we own and operate our family-friendly facility in Longmont,...

  6. Physiological demands of therapeutic horseback riding in children with moderate to severe motor impairments: an exploratory study

    | Contributor(s):: Bongers, B. C., Takken, T.

  7. Effect of hippotherapy on perceived self-competence and participation in a child with cerebral palsy

    | Contributor(s):: Frank, A., McCloskey, S., Dole, R. L.

  8. Effects of hippotherapy on people with cerebral palsy from the users' perspective: a qualitative study

    | Contributor(s):: Debuse, D., Gibb, C., Chandler, C.

  9. Immediate effects of a hippotherapy session on gait parameters in children with spastic cerebral palsy

    | Contributor(s):: McGee, M. C., Reese, N. B.

  10. Study of the therapeutic effects of an advanced hippotherapy simulator in children with cerebral palsy: a randomised controlled trial

    | Contributor(s):: Herrero, P., Asensio, A., Garcia, E., Marco, A., Olivan, B., Ibarz, A., Gomez-Trullen, E. M., Casas, R.

  11. Interview with a practitioner. Hippotherapy: Cathy Delinger, P.T. and Terri Cummins, Horse Expert

  12. [Motor goals of therapeutic horseback riding for cerebral palsied children (author's transl)]

    | Contributor(s):: Feldkamp, M.

  13. The effect of hippotherapy on postural control in sitting for children with cerebral palsy

    | Contributor(s):: Hamill, D., Washington, K. A., White, O. R.