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  1. A novel approach to identify and map kitten clusters using geographic information systems (GIS): a case study from Tompkins County, NY

    Contributor(s):: Reading, A. S., Scarlett, J. M., Berliner, E. A.

    A retrospective study using a geographic information system (GIS) was conducted to capture, map, and analyze intake data of caregiver (owner)-surrendered kittens (aged 0-6 months) to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Tompkins County, NY, from 2009 to 2011. Addresses...

  2. Animal magnetism

    Contributor(s):: Bonifazi, Wendy

  3. Animals in long-term care facilities: a framework for program planning

    Contributor(s):: Barnett, Joan C., Quigley, Joseph

  4. Developing a companion animal program

    Contributor(s):: Bredenberg, Dave

  5. Developing a multidisciplinary pet placement program for community-based elderly

    Contributor(s):: Netting, F. Ellen, Wilson, Cindy C., New, John C., Jr.

  6. Dogs and the elderly: the perfect prescription for companionship

    Contributor(s):: Silverman, Francine

  7. Dogs that hear for people who can't

    Contributor(s):: Neukrug, Linda

  8. Handi-dogs: helpers for the handicapped

    Contributor(s):: Chaisson-Stewart, G. Maureen

  9. Horseplay encouraged

    Contributor(s):: Barnard, David

  10. Jeff, and his companion animal peers, stir widening interest in outreach

  11. Lessons from the original 'Eden'

    Contributor(s):: Halbert, Roger J.

  12. Training students to functionally assess elderly clients in a home health setting

    Contributor(s):: Wilson, Cindy C., Netting, F. Ellen

  13. What is there to do? A potpourri of programs for residents

    Contributor(s):: Lewis, Kenneth

  14. "No service-dogs allowed": how administrators, educators, and campus staff can best comply with service-dog access laws

    Contributor(s):: Randy Brown

    In November 2011, an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran attending classes at an Iowa community college was refused access to a theater performance on campus because the instructor of the cass was concerned the veteran's service dog would disrupt the open-to-the-public event. The student-veteran was...

  15. The shelter's role in the bond

    Contributor(s):: Arkow, P.