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  1. 'It is frightening to think of death today, but it may not be such a big issue for me one day ... ' (Signs, omens and portents of death in traditional culture of Central Russia)

    Contributor(s):: Dobrovol'skaia, V. E.

  2. Das Verhältnis tibetischer Nomaden zu ihren Nutztieren

    Contributor(s):: Holler, David

  3. Die Inari-Füchse (Japan)

    Contributor(s):: Kraatz, Martin

  4. Kulturelle und religiöse Bedeutung von Tieren in Lateinamerika

    Contributor(s):: Schmelz, Bernd

  5. Paradigm shifts, rock art studies, and the "Coso sheep cult" of eastern California

    Contributor(s):: Garfinkel, Alan P.

  6. Ritual gendered relationships: kinship, marriage, mastery, and machi modes of personhood

    Contributor(s):: Bacigalupo, Ana Mariella

  7. The bear myth from a Finnish and Uralic perspective

    Contributor(s):: Pentikäinen, Juha

  8. The feast of Saint Stephen in Zanigrad: customs and horse breeding activities

    Contributor(s):: Ravnik, Mojca

  9. Therianthropes in San rock art

    Contributor(s):: Jolly, Pieter

  10. When ritual becomes technology. Sacrifice and ritual slaughter in the Muslim world

    Contributor(s):: Bonte, Pierre

  11. 'It also has a soul': the attitude towards domestic animals in Muslim tradition

    Contributor(s):: Blagoev, Goran

  12. Dog sacrifice in ancient and modernn Greece: from the sacrifice ritual to dog torture

    Contributor(s):: Sergis, Manolis G.

  13. La fascinación de lo temible: confrontaciones y uniones extraordinarias entre los hombres y 'las alturas' en los rituales ganaderos andinos

    Contributor(s):: Rivera Andía, Juan Javier

  14. Rethinking [cattle cults] in early Egypt: towards a prehistoric perspective on the Narmer Palette

    Contributor(s):: Wengrow, David

  15. The Evenkian ritual of 'Sending the bear off' as a form of territorial organisation

    Contributor(s):: Turov, M. G.

  16. The heavenly cow Rupan and the festival of ceremonial torture Gaigoheri: myth, rituals and sacrifice among the people of the Bhil tribe of western India

    Contributor(s):: Sahay, Sarita

  17. 'Flesh is the paradise of a man of flesh': cultural conflict over indian hunting beliefs and rituals in New France as recorded in The Jesuit Relations

    Contributor(s):: Altherr, Thomas L.

  18. Procedural and emotional religious activity therapy: connecting cognition and affective aspects of Alzheimer's disease

    Contributor(s):: Vance, D. E.

    Procedural and Emotional Religious Activity Therapy is a new approach for involving adults with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias with spiritually-laden activities. This therapy works by incorporating religious activities that are both emotionally-salient and have a procedural memory...

  19. Review of 'Death, ritual and belief: The rhetoric of funerary rites (second edition)'

    Contributor(s):: James, J. Hugh A.

    Reviews the book "Death, ritual and belief: the rhetoric of funerary rites (second edition)" by Douglas J. Davies. It is a study of funeral rites, grounded in anthropology and including theological, philosophical and psychological perspectives on death. It covers basic aspects of Middle Eastern,...

  20. Acceptability of Electrical Stunning and Post-Cut Stunning Among Muslim Communities: A Possible Dialogue

    Contributor(s):: Salamano, G., Cuccurese, A., Poeta, A., Santella, E., Sechi, P., Cambiotti, V., Cenci-Goga, B. T.

    Current technical-scientific advances allow a reappraisal of some practices used during religious slaughter without compromising its deep and essential meaning, through to the identification of techniques that limit the nonhuman animal vigilance without causing any lesion that may impair its...