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  1. The role of pet dogs in casual conversations of elderly adults

    Contributor(s):: Rogers, J., Hart, L. A., Boltz, R. P.

    Casual conversations were recorded as elderly persons routinely walked their dogs through a familiar mobile home park in the United States. Control observations included walks without dogs by owners and non-owners of dogs. All owners talked to and about their dogs. Transcribed conversations...

  2. Disability, connectivity and transgressing the autonomous body

    Contributor(s):: Gibson, B. E.

  3. Another breed of "service" animals: STARS study findings about pet ownership and recovery from serious mental illness

    Contributor(s):: Wisdom, J. P., Saedi, G. A., Green, C. A.

  4. The influence of an animal on social interactions of nursing home residents in a group setting

    Contributor(s):: Fick, K. M.

  5. Efficacy of dog-appeasing pheromone in reducing behaviours associated with fear of unfamiliar people and new surroundings in newly adopted puppies

    Contributor(s):: Gaultier, E., Bonnafous, L., Vienet-Lague, D., Falewee, C., Bougrat, L., Lafont-Lecuelle, C., Pageat, P.

  6. Upside to the downturn?

    Contributor(s):: Birbeck, T.

  7. What pets contribute to health, and communicating that to your clients

    Contributor(s):: Hart, L. A.

  8. Benefits of budgerigars

    Contributor(s):: Tremayne, V.

  9. Human-pet interaction and loneliness: a test of concepts from Roy's adaptation model

    Contributor(s):: Calvert, M. M.

  10. Effects of dog-appeasing pheromones on anxiety and fear in puppies during training and on long-term socialization

    Contributor(s):: Denenberg, S., Landsberg, G. M.

  11. Friends and pets as companions: strategies for coping with loneliness among homeless youth

    Contributor(s):: Rew, L.

  12. Pets and older people

  13. Why not a pet?

    Contributor(s):: Brophy, L.