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  1. 'He's my mate you see': a critical discourse analysis of the therapeutic role of companion animals in the social networks of people with a diagnosis of severe mental illness

    Contributor(s):: Brooks, H., Rushton, K., Lovell, K., McNaughton, R., Rogers, A.

  2. Conditions for pets to prevent depression in older adults

    Contributor(s):: Cheung, C. K., Kam, P. K.

  3. [The influence of minority sociolinguistic context on home support for seniors in a rural devitalized area: the case of Acadieville New Brunswick]

    Contributor(s):: Simard, M., Dupuis-Blanchard, S., Villalon, L., Gould, O., Ethier, S., Gibbons, C.

  4. Health perceptions and levels of attachment: owners and pets exercising together

    Contributor(s):: Stephens, M. B., Wilson, C. C., Goodie, J. L., Netting, F. E., Olsen, C. H., Byers, C. G.

  5. Effects of social support by a dog on stress modulation in male children with insecure attachment

    Contributor(s):: Andrea Beetz, Henri Julius, Dennis Turner, Kurt Kotrschal

  6. The perception of available social support is related to reduced cardiovascular reactivity in Phase II cardiac rehabilitation patients

    Contributor(s):: Craig, F. W., Lynch, J. J., Quartner, J. L.

  7. Perception of environmental obstacles to commuting physical activity in Brazilian elderly

    Contributor(s):: Corseuil, M. W., Schneider, I. J., Silva, D. A., Costa, F. F., Silva, K. S., Borges, L. J., d'Orsi, E.

  8. Social work with a pet loss support group in a university veterinary hospital

    Contributor(s):: Dunn, K. L., Mehler, S. J., Greenberg, H. S.

  9. Friends with benefits: on the positive consequences of pet ownership

    Contributor(s):: McConnell, A. R., Brown, C. M., Shoda, T. M., Stayton, L. E., Martin, C. E.

  10. Psychological effects of dog ownership: role strain, role enhancement, and depression

    Contributor(s):: Cline, K. M.

  11. Support for bereaved owners of pets

    Contributor(s):: Clements, P. T., Benasutti, K. M., Carmone, A.

  12. The pet as an anxiolytic intervention

    Contributor(s):: Wilson, C. C.

  13. Companion cats and the social support systems of men with AIDS

    Contributor(s):: Castelli, P., Hart, L. A., Zasloff, R. L.

  14. Talking horses

    Contributor(s):: Bexson, T.

  15. [The elderly and their pets. Supportive and problematic aspects and implications for care. A descriptive study]

    Contributor(s):: Graf, S.

  16. Perceptions of fourth-year veterinary students regarding emotional support of clients in veterinary practice in the veterinary college curriculum

    Contributor(s):: Butler, C., Williams, S., Koll, S.

  17. Barriers and motivators for owners walking their dog: results from qualitative research

    Contributor(s):: Cutt, H. E., Giles-Corti, B., Wood, L. J., Knuiman, M. W., Burke, V.