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  1. The Rise and Fall of Plains Indian Horse Cultures

    Contributor(s):: Hamalainen, Pekka

  2. Broadening our veterinary clientele

    Contributor(s):: Karg, M.

  3. Human-animal interactions conference comes to U.S. AVMA convention is first U.S. venue; new award conferred

    Contributor(s):: Kahler, S. C., Nolen, R. S.

  4. Blending native American spirituality with individual psychology in work with children

    Contributor(s):: Hunter, Darline, Sawyer, Cheryl

  5. AAFP and ISFM feline-friendly nursing care guidelines

    Contributor(s):: Carney, H. C., Little, S., Brownlee-Tomasso, D., Harvey, A. M., Mattox, E., Robertson, S., Rucinsky, R., Manley, D. S., American Association of Feline, Practitioners, International Society of Feline, Medicine

  6. Results of the 2006 AVMA survey of companion animal ownership in US pet-owning households

    Contributor(s):: Shepherd, A. J.

  7. Results of the AVMA survey of US pet-owning households on companion animal ownership

    Contributor(s):: Gehrke, C.

  8. Results of the AVMA survey on companion animal ownership in US pet-owning households. American Veterinary Medical Association

    Contributor(s):: Wise, J. K., Heathcott, B. L., Gonzalez, M. L.

  9. Dog

    Contributor(s):: Wasserman, Alon

  10. Maize: the Native North American's legacy of cultural diversity and biodiversity

    Contributor(s):: Wertz, S. K.

    Recent research has focused on establishing the values of preserving biodiversity both in agriculture and in less managed ecosystems, and in showing the importance of the role of cultural diversity in preserving biodiversity in food production systems. A study of the philosophy embedded in...

  11. Dog

    Contributor(s):: Wasserman, Alon

  12. Dog's best friend

    Contributor(s):: Wasserman, Alon

  13. Participation of veterinarians in disaster management

    Contributor(s):: Heath, S. E., Hooks, J., Marshall, K., Dorn, R., Linnabary, R. D., Casper, J.

  14. The legal implications of the veterinarian's role as a private practitioner and health professional, with particular reference to the human-animal bond: Part 2, The veterinarian's role in society

    Contributor(s):: Jack, D. C.