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  1. Distributed cognition criteria: Defined, operationalized, and applied to human-dog systems

    Contributor(s):: Amon, M. J., Favela, L. H.

  2. To What Extent Can the Use of a Mobility Assistance Dog Reduce Upper Limb Efforts When Manual Wheelchair Users Ascend a Ramp?

    Contributor(s):: Martin-Lemoyne, Valérie, Gagnon, Dany H., Routhier, François, Poissant, Lise, Tousignant, Michel, Corriveau, Hélène, Vincent, Claude

  3. Does dog-human attachment affect their inter-specific cooperation?

    Contributor(s):: Naderi, S., Miklosi, A., Doka, A., Csanyi, V.