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  1. An Investigation of Pre-Service Teachers’ Attitudes Toward Animals and Empathy Toward Humans: Implications for Humane Education Development

    Contributor(s):: Fung, Suk Chun, Zhou, Sili

    In the last 20 years, humane education (HE) has undergone a paradigm shift from a simple animal welfare education model to a teacher-led positive education approach that cultivates kindness, love, and empathy in children and youth. While teachers’ humane attitudes are considered a prerequisite...

  2. Guard Dogs or Guide Dogs? Adequacy vs. Quality in the Accreditation of Teacher Education

    Contributor(s):: Dill, William R.

  3. The human-animal relationship: a new field of socio-educational action

    Contributor(s):: Senent-Sánchez, Joan-Maria

    This article analyses the educational approaches towards the animal-human relationship which have been developed during the last 20 years. The article establishes a chain of states in that relationship and presents the reasons why those states are consecutive or, occasionally, simultaneous. Next,...

  4. The Effect of Animals in the Classroom on Emotionally Disturbed Students

    Contributor(s):: Alissa Donnell

    Students with emotional disturbances are often the first to drop out of school. Having an effective technique to prevent the high drop out rate in any school will be beneficial to educators and administration. The following research study answers the question "How do emotionally disturbed...

  5. The history and training of the therapy dog for school personnel

    Contributor(s):: Carmen Wille, Sue Montgomery

    Since the time dogs were first domesticated, they have played an important role in providing companionship and comfort. It was a natural extension of this human animal bond to use dogs to provide this same comfort to others as what is now know as dog-assisted therapy. This project reviews the...

  6. Peace Starts Small: The Benefits of Animal Related Humane Education Efforts in the Classroom

    Contributor(s):: Anna L. Abbott

    My goal is to inspire elementary educators to teach humane education in their classrooms on a regular basis so that our children can grow to be compassionate membersof our community. If we foster empathy and kindness we will see positive change in our world for all living things. While my...

  7. Influence of pet ownership on opinions towards the use of animals in biomedical research

    Contributor(s):: Hagelin, J., Johansson, B., Hau, J., Carlsson, H. E.

    The present study investigated the relationship between pet ownership and opinions on the use of animals in medical research. A questionnaire was answered by 484 schoolteacher students and 156 preschool teacher students from Uppsala University, Sweden [date not given]. Animal use was found to be...

  8. The terrain of the Self and the Other: A phenomenological study of animals as cartographic teachers and healers

    Contributor(s):: Goulden, Debra Lynn

  9. Shifting Paradigms: A New Look at Animals in Classrooms

    Contributor(s):: Huddart, Stephen, Naherniak, Craig

  10. Akron Pupils Engage In Varied Activities

  11. Dear Simba is Dead Forever

    Contributor(s):: Sandstrom, Susan

  12. Pet PEP: independent evaluation endorses landmark school education program

  13. The future of teaching and research in companion animal biology in departments of animal sciences

    Contributor(s):: McNamara, J. P.

  14. Biology teachers' attitudes to dissection and alternatives

    Contributor(s):: King, L. A., Ross, C. L., Stephens, M. L., Rowan, A. N.

  15. Les communications non verbales en situation pédagogique

    Contributor(s):: Guyot, Yves

  16. The impact of the dogs and cats module of educational project on "To live well with the animals"

    Contributor(s):: Viaro, O., Santos, M. B. dos, Vasconcellos, S. A., Pinheiro, S. R.

    The educative project "To live well with the animals" was introduced in the Educational Units of the Sao Paulo Municipal District, in 2002, destined to diffusion and promotion of the concept of responsible pets ownership, in specially dogs and cats and since then, it has worked with teachers of...