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  1. Seeing through Feeling

    Contributor(s):: Vincent, Carol

  2. Peace Starts Small: The Benefits of Animal Related Humane Education Efforts in the Classroom

    Contributor(s):: Anna L. Abbott

    My goal is to inspire elementary educators to teach humane education in their classrooms on a regular basis so that our children can grow to be compassionate membersof our community. If we foster empathy and kindness we will see positive change in our world for all living things. While my...

  3. Teachers' experiences with humane education and animals in the elementary classroom: Implications for empathy development

    Contributor(s):: Daly, Beth, Suggs, Suzanne

    An increasing amount of research has emerged in recent years regarding the benefits that household pets have for individuals, much of which focuses on child-pet relationships. A number of studies have explored the role of pets in elementary classroom settings and what advantages their presence...

  4. Man's Best Friend as A Reading Facilitator

    Contributor(s):: Shaw, Donita Massengill

  5. Goodbye Critter Jitters

    Contributor(s):: Eidietis, Laura, Gray, Stacey, Riggs, Leela, West, Bridgette, Coffman, Margaret

  6. Profound Encounters: Classroom Animals--More Than Responsible Pet Care

    Contributor(s):: Naherniak, Craig

  7. Shifting Paradigms: A New Look at Animals in Classrooms

    Contributor(s):: Huddart, Stephen, Naherniak, Craig

  8. The Passing of Muffin: A Classroom Pet Dies

    Contributor(s):: Vollmer, Joseph

  9. The Relationship of Elementary Teachers' Apprehension Toward Animals and Their Positions on Environmental Issues

    Contributor(s):: Perkes, A. Cordell

  10. Dear Simba is Dead Forever

    Contributor(s):: Sandstrom, Susan

  11. On Behalf of Children

    Contributor(s):: Jalongo, Mary Renck

  12. Reflective thinking among preservice elementary mathematics teachers

    Contributor(s):: Mewborn, Denise S.