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  1. The effect on social organization and milk production of minor group alteratlons in dairy cattle

    Contributor(s):: Collis, K. A., Kay, S. J., Grant, A. J., Quick, A. J.

    2 groups of 15 and 12 cows resp. were maintained under identical conditions of management. The 2 most dominant cows from the 1st group were transferred to the 2nd group then returned 2 wk later. After a further 4 wk, the 2 most subordinate cows from the 1st group were transferred to the 2nd group...

  2. A quantitative analysis of social behaviour of different crossbreds of dairy cattle kept in loose housing and its relationship to productivity

    Contributor(s):: Jezierski, T. A., Podluzny, M.

    The social behaviour of Polish Black-and-White dairy cattle (BW) was compared with that of the F1-crossbreds of BW with Jersey (BW x J), Ayrshire (BW x Ay), Holstein-Friesian (BW x HF) and Swedish Black-and-White (BW x SLB). The crossbreds BW x J proved to be most aggressive, excitable and...