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  1. Exploring children's perspectives on the welfare needs of pet animals

    Contributor(s):: Muldoon, J. C., Williams, J. M., Lawrence, A.

    Children are increasingly viewed as important recipients of educational interventions to improve animal welfare, yet research examining their perspectives is lacking, particularly within the UK. Helping children to care appropriately for animals depends, not least, on an ability to understand the...

  2. Communication patterns within a group of shelter dogs and implications for their welfare

    Contributor(s):: Petak, I.

    Keeping shelter dogs in groups provides them with a more socially and physically enriched environment, but eventually it may cause them stress. Understanding dogs' communication could help shelter staff recognize and prevent undesirable communicative patterns and encourage desirable ones....

  3. Outline of a risk assessment: the welfare of future xeno-donor pigs

    Contributor(s):: Dahl, K., Sandoe, P., Johnsen, P. F., Lassen, J., Kornerup Hansen, A.

    The welfare of transgenic animals is often not considered prior to their generation. However, we demonstrated here how a welfare risk assessment can be carried out before transgenic animals are created. We describe a risk assessment identifying potential welfare problems in transgenic pigs...