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  1. " Kindness to All Around": The Changing Ethics of Animal Treatment in the Middle-Class Household, 1820-1870

    Contributor(s):: Grier, Katherine C.

  2. Animal Ethics and the Law

    Contributor(s):: Bernard E. Rollin

    Everyone reading this Article is doubtless aware of the woeful lack of legal protection for farm animals in the United States. Not only do the laws fail to assure even a minimally decent life for the majority of these animals, they do not provide protection against the most egregious treatment....

  3. Ethical issues in animal cloning

    Contributor(s):: Autumn Fiester

    The issue of human reproductive cloning has recently received a great deal attention in public discourse. Bioethicists, policy makers, and the media have been quick to identify the key ethical issues involved in human reproductive cloning and to argue, almost unanimously, for an international ban...