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  1. Economic and equity implications of land-use zoning in suburban agriculture

    Contributor(s):: Adelaja, A., Derr, D., Rose-Tank, K.

    A cash-flow viability model is used to evaluate the impacts of land-use zoning on farm households in New Jersey, USA. Findings suggest that zoning results in increased production expenses, lower efficiency and profitability, and the devaluation of land assets. Cash flow and economic viability...

  2. The social organization of free-ranging urban dogs. I. Non-estrous social behavior. II. Estrus groups and the mating system

    Contributor(s):: Daniels, T. J.

  3. Threshold dose of estradiol for inducing sexual receptivity in ovariectomized French Alpine goats

    Contributor(s):: Billings, H. J., Katz, L. S.

    In September 1994, 6 ovariectomized French Alpine goats, housed indoors in 8 h light:16 h dark and 25 degrees C, were given an injection of 0, 30 or 40 micro g oestradiol. 17 h after injection the females were placed in pens for 15 min with sexually experienced male goats and observed for signs...