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  1. Inmate experiences in wildlife rehabilitation

    Contributor(s):: Sorensen, Jill Kathleen

  2. Our Duties to Endangered Species

    Contributor(s):: Holmes Rolston III

    Few persons doubt that we have obligations concerning endangered species, because persons are helped or hurt by the condition of their environment, which includes a wealth of wild species, currently under alarming threat of extinction. Whether humans have duties directly to endangered species is...

  3. Community-based monitoring of tigers in Nepal

    Contributor(s):: Teri Allendorf, Bhim Gurung, J. L. David Smith

    Local citizens recruited and trained as bagh heralu (“tiger watchers”) helped us to collect information on the distribution of tiger throughout the Tarai of Nepal. While the ultimate goal of the bagh heralu program was to map the current metapopulation of tigers in Nepal and to determine extent...

  4. Endangered Species Bulletin, December 2004

    In this issue:4 The Prairie Wetlands Learning Center6 Reaching Out to “Save our Snakes”8 Eider Journey10 Slowing the Flow12 Creative Partners, Creative Solutions14 Teaching the Children: A Hawaiian Tradition16 All it Takes is a Little Mussel18 Bird Watchers Flock to Michigan20 The Year of the...

  5. Pesticide use and toxicology in relation, to wildlife: Organophosphorus and carbamate compounds

    | Contributor(s):: Gregory J. Smith

    The use of organophosphorus and carbamate pesticides has increased markedly during the past two decades. Currently, more than 100 different organophosphorus and carbamate chemicals are registered as the active ingredients in thousands of different pesticide products in the United States. More...