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  1. Restricting the ability of sows to move: a source of concern for some Brazilians

    Contributor(s):: Yunes, M. C., von Keyserlingk, M. A. G., Hotzel, M. J.

  2. Wildlife viewing in Colorado : a review and synthesis of existing data

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Jerry J. Vaske, Karen Wittmann, Tara V. Williams, Karen Hardesty, Linda Sikorowski

  3. Dogs (Canis familiaris) recognise our faces in photographs: implications for existing and future research

    | Contributor(s):: Eatherington, C. J., Mongillo, P., Looke, M., Marinelli, L.

  4. The Effects of Viewing Pet Images on Stress Reduction in Humans

    | Contributor(s):: Eileen A. Velasquez, Catherine M. Burke

    The goal of this study was to investigate whether viewing pet images reduced anxiety. One hundred and two undergraduate students participated in the study. Phase 1 of the study consisted of gathering the baseline anxiety measure. In Phase 2, participants were exposed to a live tarantula. They...

  5. Attitudes on Animal Research Predict Acceptance of Genetic Modification Technologies by University Undergraduates

    | Contributor(s):: Gabriel, K. I., Rutledge, B. H., Barkley, C. L.

  6. Individual Difference and Study-Specific Characteristics Influencing Attitudes about the Use of Animals in Medical Research

    | Contributor(s):: Henry, B., Pulcino, R.

  7. Human Rights, Animal Wrongs? Exploring Attitudes toward Animal Use and Possibilities for Change

    | Contributor(s):: Knight, S., Bard, K., Vrij, A., Brandon, D.

  8. Review of Animal Rights and Human Morality

    | Contributor(s):: Dale Jamieson

    Professor Rollin is well known to readers of this journal, at least by name and reputation. He has logged more miles and spoken to more people on behalf of animals more than any other philosopher I can think of, save Peter Singer. Now Rollin has brought out a book. I think it is a very good book,...

  9. Caring about blood, flesh, and pain: Women's standing in the animal protection movement

    | Contributor(s):: Munro, L.