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  1. The impact of improved american anti-cruelty laws in the investigation, prosecution, and sentencing of abusers

    Contributor(s):: Frasch, Pamela D.

  2. The interview for antisocial behavior: psychometric characteristics and concurrent validity with child pyschiatric inpatients

    Contributor(s):: Kazdin, Alan E., Esveldt-Dawson, Karen

  3. The legislator's perspective on preventing family violence

    Contributor(s):: Dougherty, Patrick

  4. The link's direct connection to child protective services

    Contributor(s):: Hall, Robert P.

  5. The relevance of cultural competence to the link between violence to animals and people

    Contributor(s):: Kaufman, Michael E.

  6. The role of animals in the emotional and moral development of children

    Contributor(s):: George, Mother Hildegard

  7. The tangled web of animal abuse: the links between cruelty to animals and human violence

    Contributor(s):: Lockwood, Randall, Hodge, Guy R.

  8. The veterinarian's role in recognizing and reporting abuse

    Contributor(s):: Landau, Ruth

  9. The veterinary professions roles in recognizing and preventing family violence: the experiences of the human medicine field and the development of diagnostic indicators for non-accidental injury

    Contributor(s):: Arkow, Phil, Munro, Helen

  10. Treating serious animal abuse as a serious crime

    Contributor(s):: Fox, Mitchell

  11. Unleashing compassion: social work and animal abuse

    Contributor(s):: Faver, Catherine A., Strand, Elizabeth B.

  12. Why the link is important to animal care, animal control, and veterinary personnel

    Contributor(s):: Lagoni, Laurel, Butler, Carolyn, Olson, Patricia