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  1. Use of and disparities in access to adaptive devices among U.S. adults with age-related eye diseases

    Contributor(s):: Gibson, D. M.

  2. The Semiotic Grounds of Animal Assistance: Sign Use of Guide Dogs and Their Visually Impaired Handlers

    Contributor(s):: Riin Magnus

    Materiaalne linnakeskkond ja selles kehtivad käitumisreeglid sisaldavad kindlaid ootusi märgisüsteemide suhtes, mille abil keskkonda kasutada. Juhtkoera ja nägemispuudega inimese märgisüsteemide kombinatsioon eeldab olemasolevate ootustega kohanemist, aga loob ka...

  3. Humane education for students with visual impairments: Learning about working dogs

    Contributor(s):: Bruce, Susan M., Feinstein, Jennie Dapice, Kennedy, Meghan C., Liu, Ming

  4. How does a dog attack on a guide dog affect the wellbeing of a guide dog owner?

    Contributor(s):: Marquès-Brocksopp, Lorna

  5. Dog team walking: inter-corporeal identities, blindness and reciprocal guiding

    Contributor(s):: Andrew, Stevenson

  6. Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

    Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (SEDA) is a national organisation that established its first school for training dog guides in Victoria, on the 10th April 1960.SEDA merged with Vision Australia on the 1st July 2008. We are a full member of the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF), fulfilling the...

  7. Riding for the Disabled Association (Australia)

    Riding for the Disabled Association Australia (RDAA) is a voluntary, nonprofit organisation which provides opportunities for anyone with a disability to enjoy safe, healthy stimulating, therapeutic, horse-related activities in Australia.

  8. Power of partnering

    Contributor(s):: Phillips, B.