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  1. A novel accelerometry approach combining information on classified behaviors and quantified physical activity for assessing health status of cattle: a preliminary study

    Contributor(s):: Uenishi, Shogo, Oishi, Kazato, Kojima, Tomoki, Kitajima, Kaho, Yasunaka, Yudai, Sakai, Koki, Sonoda, Yuta, Kumagai, Hajime, Hirooka, Hiroyuki

    2021Applied Animal Behaviour Science2351052200168-159110.1016/j.applanim.2021.105220text

  2. Maternal nutrition and antioxidant supplementation: Effects on mother–young behaviors in a Patagonian sheep extensive grazing system

    Contributor(s):: Sales, Francisco, Parraguez, Victor H., Freitas-de-Melo, Aline, Ungerfeld, Rodolfo

    Undernourishment is a frequent condition in sheep pregnancies under extensive systems, since most of the pregnancies occur when the prairie has the lowest forage allowance. Underfed sheep pregnancies are associated with maternal-fetal oxidative stress, low birth weight and deteriorated ewe–lamb...

  3. Day-night behaviour and performance of barrows and gilts (70–100kg) fed low protein diets with different levels of tryptophan and B6 vitamin

    Contributor(s):: Castilha, Leandro Dalcin, Sangali, Cleiton Pagliari, Esteves, Lucas Antonio Costa, Muniz, Camila Francisca, Furlan, Antonio Claudio, Vasconcellos, Ricardo Souza, Pozza, Paulo Cesar

    Tryptophan (Trp) is involved in regulation of animal behaviour, since it originates serotonin and melatonin, especially in low crude protein diets, and Trp metabolism requires B6 vitamin (B6) as enzymatic cofactor. The objective of this study was to feed low protein diets with different levels of...

  4. Canine Co-Facilitated Interventions

    Forum › general-discussion › new-initiatives--projects

    Hi everyone! My name is Kelsey and I am a social worker in West Michigan who frequently co-facilitates therapy with adults, juveniles, and couples using my nearly 2 year old pit bull Marley....

  5. Autism spectrum disorder: A review of the current understanding of pathophysiology and complementary therapies in children

    Contributor(s):: Robson, Belinda

  6. Best Articles Relevant to Pediatric Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

  7. Clinical Roundup: Selected Treatment Options for Autism

  8. Gut microbiota of humans, dogs and cats: current knowledge and future opportunities and challenges

    Contributor(s):: Deng, P., Swanson, K. S.

    High-throughput DNA sequencing techniques allow for the identification and characterisation of microbes and their genes (microbiome). Using these new techniques, microbial populations in several niches of the human body, including the oral and nasal cavities, skin, urogenital tract and...

  9. A combination of behavioral and physiological indicators for assessing pig welfare on the farm

    Contributor(s):: Candiani, D., Salamano, G., Mellia, E., Doglione, L., Bruno, R., Toussaint, M., Gruys, E.

    The purpose of this research was to identify pig welfare indicators that could help in recognizing stressful practices on farm. The study evaluated behavioral and physiological indicators (cortisol and negative acute phase proteins) in 2 groups of 20 female pigs 4 months old after a 48-hr...

  10. Hydration state of goats transported by road for 12 hours during the hot-dry conditions and the modulating role of ascorbic acid

    Contributor(s):: Minka, S. N., Ayo, J. O.

    This study investigated the effects of 12 hr of road transportation during the hot-dry conditions and the modulating role of ascorbic acid (AA) on the hydration state of goats. Twenty goats who served as treatment goats received oral administration of 100 mg/kg body weight of AA, whereas another...

  11. Heart quiz that could save your life

    Contributor(s):: Browder, Sue Ellin

  12. Stimulating the Senses [pet therapy]

    Contributor(s):: Devi, Gayatri, Mitchell, Deborah R.

  13. Evaluation of cats fed vegetarian diets and attitudes of their caregivers

    Contributor(s):: Wakefield, L. A., Shofer, F. S., Michel, K. E.

  14. Death of a dog caused by calcipotriene toxicity

    Contributor(s):: Saedi, N., Horn, R., Muffoletto, B., Wood, A.

  15. Canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome: prevalence, clinical signs and treatment with a neuroprotective nutraceutical

    Contributor(s):: Osella, M. C., Re, G., Odore, R., Girardi, C., Badino, P., Barbero, R., Bergamasco, L.

    Cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CDS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder of senior dogs. Since age-related behavioural changes may be useful indicators for early diagnosis and treatment, the first purpose of the present study was to investigate the prevalence of clinical signs of CDS in a...

  16. The influence of sequential feeding on behaviour, feed intake and feather condition in laying hens

    Contributor(s):: Jordan, D., Faruk, M. U., Lescoat, P., Ali, M. N., Stuhec, I., Bessei, W., Leterrier, C.

    Feeding of whole-wheat grains and a protein-mineral concentrate in sequence had been shown to modify behaviour in broilers and performance in laying hens. The objective of this study was to test whether sequential feeding with wheat would induce changes in laying hen's behaviour, feed intake,...

  17. High blood pressure: an integrative approach: a natural standard monograph

  18. Behavioural resistance towards poison baits in brown rats, Rattus norvegicus

    Contributor(s):: Brunton, C. F. A., Macdonald, D. W., Buckle, A. P.

  19. The humaneness of rodent pest control

    Contributor(s):: Mason, G., Littin, K. E.

  20. Vitamin A metabolism in recessive white canaries

    Contributor(s):: Wolf, P., Bartels, T., Sallmann, H. P., Heisler, K., Kamphues, J.

    In recent years, a possible defect in vitamin A metabolism in recessive white canaries (Serinus canaria) has been repeatedly discussed. It has widely been accepted that a reduced absorption of carotenoids from the small intestine results in an insufficient synthesis of vitamin A. Moreover, the...