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  1. Impact of canine-assisted ambulation on hospitalized chronic heart failure patients' ambulation outcomes and satisfaction: a pilot study

    Contributor(s):: Abate, S. V., Zucconi, M., Boxer, B. A.

  2. Studies suggest dog walking a good strategy for fostering fitness

    Contributor(s):: Voelker, R.

  3. Dog-walking: Motivation for adherence to a walking program

    Contributor(s):: Johnson, Rebecca A., Meadows, Richard L.

  4. Immediate and long-term effects of hippotherapy on symmetry of adductor muscle activity and functional ability in children with spastic cerebral palsy

    Contributor(s):: McGibbon, N. H., Benda, W., Duncan, B. R., Silkwood-Sherer, D.

  5. Temporal variables of four-beat, stepping gaits of gaited horses

    Contributor(s):: Nicodemus, M. C., Clayton, H. M.

    Gaited horse breeds perform a variety of four-beat stepping gaits that are recognized and distinguished by the sequence and timing of the footfalls and by the limb support sequences during the stride. The popularity of the gaited horse breeds is increasing and accurate descriptions of limb...

  6. Clinical issues. Service dogs in health care facilities

    Contributor(s):: Denholm, B.

  7. Dog ownership and adolescent physical activity

    Contributor(s):: Sirard, J. R., Patnode, C. D., Hearst, M. O., Laska, M. N.

  8. About cats and dogs... Reconsidering the relationship between pet ownership and health related outcomes in community-dwelling elderly

    Contributor(s):: Rijken, Mieke, Beek, Sandra

    Having a pet has been claimed to have beneficial health effects, but methodologically sound empirical studies are scarce. Small sample sizes and a lack of information about the specific type of pets involved make it difficult to draw unambiguous conclusions. We aimed to shed light...

  9. "Walk a hound, lose a pound": a community dog walking program for families

    Contributor(s):: Johnson, Rebecca A., McKenney, Charlotte A.

  10. Dog obesity, dog walking, and dog health

    Contributor(s):: Hurley, Karyl J., Elliott, Denise A., Lund, Elizabeth

  11. Dog walking as a catalyst for strengthening the social fabric of the community

    Contributor(s):: Wood, Lisa J., Christian, Hayley E.

  12. Dog walking as a new area of inquiry: an overview

    Contributor(s):: Beck, Alan M.

  13. Dog walking as physical activity for older adults

    Contributor(s):: Thorpe, Roland J., Jr., Christian, Hayley E., Bauman, Adrian

  14. Future directions in dog walking

    Contributor(s):: Johnson, Rebecca A., Beck, Alan M., McCune, Sandra, Griffin, James A., Esposito, Layla

  15. International perspectives on the epidemiology of dog walking

    Contributor(s):: Bauman, Adrian, Christian, Hayley E., Thorpe, Roland J., Jr., Macniven, Rona

  16. Kids and K-9s for healthy choices: a pilot program for canine therapy and healthy behavior modification to increase healthy lifestyle choices in children

    Contributor(s):: Wright, Kathy K., Brown, Ashley M.

  17. Method development and preliminary examination of dog walking as a form of human and canine physical activity

    Contributor(s):: Warren, Barbour S., Wakshlag, Joseph J., Maley, Mary, Farrell, Tracy, Wells, Martin T., Struble, Angela M., Devine, Carol M., Grace, Long

  18. Owners and pets exercising together: the metabolic benefits of "walking the dog"

    Contributor(s):: Stephens, Mark B., Wilson, Cindy C., Goodie, Jeffrey L., Netting, F. Ellen, Olsen, Cara, Byers, Christopher G., Yonemura, Mary E.

  19. Physical activity recommendations and dog walking

    Contributor(s):: Epping, Jacqueline N.

  20. Loss of a pet

    Contributor(s):: Kilmer, K.