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  1. General Robert E. Lee's Horse Supply, 1862-1865

    Contributor(s):: Ramsdell, Charles W.

  2. Harvey

  3. Horses and Mules in the Civil War: A Complete History with a Roster of More than 700 War Horses [Book Review]

  4. Iowa Celebrates a Pugnacious Pup

  5. Marine's Best Friend

    Contributor(s):: O'Brien, Cyril J.

  6. Mules, Horses, And Dogs - Fort Robinson In World War II

    Contributor(s):: Buecker, Thomas R.

  7. Old Baldy: A Horse's Tale

    Contributor(s):: Difebo, Dane

  8. Pack Transport: The New Guinea Campaign, January - March 1943

    Contributor(s):: Natzio, Georgina

  9. Sallie Ann Jarrett

    Contributor(s):: Kramer, Vierma 'Bobbi

  10. Sea dogs

    Contributor(s):: Galvani, William

  11. Teufelhund!

    Contributor(s):: Bradshaw, H. D.

  12. The Dogs Of War

    Contributor(s):: Paltzer, Seth

  13. The Dogs of War

    Contributor(s):: Watson, Bruce

  14. The Fort Robinson War Dog Reception And Training Center, 1942-1946

    Contributor(s):: Buecker, Thomas R.

  15. The great glanders epizootic, 1861-1866

    Contributor(s):: Sharrer, G. Terry

  16. U.S. Military War Dogs in World War II: A History and Collector's Guide

    Contributor(s):: Watson, Nolan A.

  17. United States War Dogs and Their Handlers, 1944-1945

    Contributor(s):: Gero, Anthony, Milligan, Edward

  18. Writing Horses into American Civil War History

    Contributor(s):: Phillips, Gervase

  19. Overview of combat trauma in military working dogs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Contributor(s):: Baker, Janice L., Truesdale, Christina A., Schlanser, Justin R.

  20. Dogs of the Conquest

    Contributor(s):: Varner, John Grier, Varner, Jeannette Johnson