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  1. Animal welfare and its assossiations with farm size and stockmanship characteristics on European breeding-to-finishing pig farms

    Contributor(s):: Ruckli, A. K., Dippel, S., Helmerichs, J., Hubbard, C., Munsterhjelm, C., Vermeer, H., Leeb, C.

  2. Impact of social media on dealing with petsEinfluss sozialer medien auf den umgang mit heimtieren

    Contributor(s):: Volker, G., Fels, M.

  3. Creating resilient and sociable domestic pets

    Contributor(s):: Hargrave, C.

    2021CompanionOctober18-232041-2487EnglishASAB, London, UK.text

  4. Should we be keeping elephants in captivity?

    Contributor(s):: Taylor, N.

  5. The impact of clamp castration on the behaviour and body temperature of reindeer (Rangifer tarandus tarandus) – Effects of local anesthesia and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

    Contributor(s):: Nurmi, Hanna, Laaksonen, Sauli, Häätylä, Taija, Valros, Anna, Sauvala, Mikaela, Hänninen, Laura

  6. Responsible ownership: what do pet owners need to know?

    Contributor(s):: Lacey, L.

  7. Dither: A unifying model of the effects of visitor numbers on zoo animal behavior

    Contributor(s):: Krebs, B. L., Eschmann, C. L., Watters, J. V.

  8. Misconceptions in anthropomorphizing the feeding of pet animalsEquivocos ao se antropomorfizar a alimentacao dos animais de companhia

    Contributor(s):: Ribeiro, R. R., Silva, M. D. da, Massari, C. H. de A. L.

    The present work aims to contribute to the issue of legal and ethical responsibility regarding adequate feeding for pets, through the analysis of the works of the philosophers Singer, Francione and Gilligan. A literature review was carried out based on the main philosophical works by authors who...

  9. Animal Welfare Compromises Associated with Causes of Death in Neonatal Piglets

    Contributor(s):: Chidgey, Kirsty L., Udomteerasuwat, Nutnapong, Morel, Patrick C. H., Castillo-Alcala, Fernanda

    This pilot study aimed to assess the welfare impacts of different causes of pre-weaning deaths in piglets. Piglets that died between 0–7 days after birth (n = 106) were collected from two commercial pig farms and subject to post-mortem examination to confirm their cause of death as well as any...

  10. Beyond “Doing Better”: Ordinal Rating Scales to Monitor Behavioural Indicators of Well-Being in Cats

    Contributor(s):: Ellis, Jacklyn J.

    Safeguarding the well-being of cats is essential to the mission of any responsible animal shelter. Environmental enrichment and behaviour modification are often key to this goal. Measuring response to these interventions is essential to ensure strategies are successful. There are often many staff...

  11. Farm Environmental Enrichments Improve the Welfare of Layer Chicks and Pullets: A Comprehensive Review

    Contributor(s):: Xu, Dan, Shu, Gang, Liu, Yanting, Qin, Pingwu, Zheng, Yilei, Tian, Yaofu, Zhao, Xiaoling, Du, Xiaohui

    Currently, cage housing is regarded as a global mainstream production system for laying hens. However, limited living space and confinement of birds in cages cause welfare and health problems, such as feather pecking, osteoporosis, obesity, and premature aging. Many studies have been conducted to...

  12. Applying a New Proposed Welfare Assessment Protocol to Suckler Herds from Three Different Autochthonous Breeds

    Contributor(s):: Valente, Diana, Stilwell, George

    The welfare of farm animals has become an increasingly important issue for society, especially for consumers of animal products. Currently, there is no standardized and validated protocol in Portugal for assessing the welfare of suckler cow herds in extensive systems. This work aims to study and...

  13. Changes in Stereotypies: Effects over Time and over Generations

    Contributor(s):: Tatemoto, Patricia, Broom, Donald M., Zanella, Adroaldo J.

    Stereotypies comprise a wide range of repeated and apparently functionless behaviors that develop in individuals whose neural condition or environment results in poor welfare. While stereotypies are an indicator of poor welfare at the time of occurrence, they may have various consequences....

  14. A “Good Life” for Dairy Cattle: Developing and Piloting a Framework for Assessing Positive Welfare Opportunities Based on Scientific Evidence and Farmer Expertise

    Contributor(s):: Stokes, Jessica E., Rowe, Elizabeth, Mullan, Siobhan, Pritchard, Joy C., Horler, Rachel, Haskell, Marie J., Dwyer, Cathy M., Main, David C. J.

    On-farm welfare assessment tends to focus on minimising negative welfare, but providing positive welfare is important in order to give animals a good life. This study developed a positive welfare framework for dairy cows based on the existing scientific literature which has focused on developing...

  15. Influence of Increased Freedom of Movement on Welfare and Egg Laying Pattern of Hens Kept in Aviaries

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Nannoni, Eleonora, Buonaiuto, Giovanni, Martelli, Giovanna, Lizzi, Gabriele, Trevisani, Giacomo, Garavini, Gloria, Sardi, Luca

    This work investigates the effects of structural modifications on the welfare level and laying patterns of hens in a three-tier commercial aviary system. Four experimental groups were used: C (control, housed in a traditional aviary); LM (longitudinal movement, in which internal partitions were...

  16. Effects of Photoperiod on the Performance, Blood Profile, Welfare Parameters, and Carcass Characteristics in Broiler Chickens

    Full-text: Available

    | Contributor(s):: Kim, Hee-Jin, Son, Jiseon, Jeon, Jin-Joo, Kim, Hyun-Soo, Yun, Yeon-Seo, Kang, Hwan-Ku, Hong, Eui-Chul, Kim, Ji-Hyuk

    We studied the effects of photoperiods on the growth performance, blood profile, welfare parameters, and carcass characteristics of broilers. A total of 336 male broiler chicks (Ross 308) were randomly allocated into 4 treatments (84 birds per treatment with 4 replicates), based on the...

  17. Associations between driving rein tensions and drivers’ reports of the behaviour and driveability of Standardbred trotters

    | Contributor(s):: Hartmann, Elke, Byström, Anna, Pökelmann, Mette, Connysson, Malin, Kienapfel-Henseleit, Kathrin, Karlsteen, Magnus, McGreevy, Paul, Egenvall, Agneta

  18. Horses’ resting behaviour in shelters of varying size compared with single boxes

    | Contributor(s):: Kjellberg, Linda, Sassner, Hanna, Yngvesson, Jenny

  19. Personality assessment of headstart Texas horned lizards (Phrynosoma cornutum) in human care prior to release

    | Contributor(s):: Barrett, Lisa P., Anthony, Kelsea L., Eliades, Samuel J., Siler, Cameron D., Lock, Brad, Snyder, Rebecca J.

  20. Aquarium Tank Design Is Integral to the Elimination of Mantle Abrasion in the Captive Curled Octopus (Eledone cirrhosa): A Case Study at Macduff Marine Aquarium

    | Contributor(s):: Smith, Lauren E., Rowe, Christopher, Mackay, Frazer, Matthews, Claire, Matthews, Christopher G. G.