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  1. The Wolf and the Animal Lover

    Contributor(s):: Martin Drenthen

    For Aristotle a true friendship can only exist between free human beings, because true friendship is based on a shared understanding of the good. Yet today, some animal philosophers argue that friendships can exist between humans and animals, maybe not in Aristotle’s sense of the word but...

  2. Dogs for herding and guarding livestock

    Contributor(s):: Coppinger, L., Coppinger, R., Grandin, T.

    Dogs that perform best for guarding and herding livestock have different behavioural profiles, as stated by the authors: 'herding dogs are selected to show hunting behaviours, such as eye, stalk, grip or heel. Guarding dogs are selected to show more of the wild ancestor's puppy-like or juvenile...

  3. Long-Term Research on Wolves in the Superior National Forest

    Contributor(s):: L. David Mech

    The seeds for the blossoming of the wolf (Canis lupus) population throughout the upper Midwest were embodied in a long line of wolves that had persisted in the central part of the Superior National Forest (SNF) of northeastern Minnesota, probably since the retreat of the last glaciers. This line...

  4. Observation of triangles in a human-canine pack

    Contributor(s):: Fleming, Linda M.