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  1. Ethics and Wolf Management: Attitudes Toward and Tolerance of Wolves in Washington State

    Contributor(s):: Julie Callahan

    Approximately seventy-five years after extirpation from Washington State, gray wolves (Canis lupus) returned. As of December 2012, eight packs had arrived from adjacent states and provinces. Delisted from the Federal Endangered Species List in the eastern one-third of Washington, state wildlife...

  2. Making Space for Mexican Wolves: Technology, Knowledge and Conservation Politics

    Contributor(s):: Paula D. Decker

    The use of geospatial technologies, including radio telemetry, GPS collars, and mapping software, has proliferated in wildlife conservation. In addition to being tools for research, though, tracking devices are increasingly used to control animals that have been reintroduced to natural areas....

  3. Wolf Connection

    Wolf Connection was founded in 2009 by Teo Alfero, whose life ambition is to be of service to future generations.For that reason, Wolf Connection is not the typical wolf and wolfdog rescue organization.First and foremost, Wolf Connection is a youth education and empowerment program, with rescued...

  4. Can humans discriminate between dogs on the base of the acoustic parameters of barks?

    Contributor(s):: Molnar, C., Pongracz, P., Doka, A., Miklosi, A.

  5. 'Ils finiront par nous bouffer'. Enquête contemporaines sur la mémoire du loup en Cévennes

    Contributor(s):: Laurence, Pierre

  6. 'Upside-down'. The sheep-farmers are facing the presence of the wolves in the French Alps

    Contributor(s):: Fabre, Patrick

  7. A biometric re-evaluation of recent claims for early Upper Palaeolithic wolf domestication in Eurasia

    Contributor(s):: Boudadi-Maligne, Myriam, Escarguel, Gilles

  8. Entre antiquité et Moyen Âge: l''invention' du loup ennemi

    Contributor(s):: Ortalli, Gherardo

  9. Fossil dogs and wolves from Palaeolithic sties in Belgium, the Ukraine and Russia :osteometry, ancient DNA and stable isotopes

    Contributor(s):: Germonpré, Mietje

  10. Ideology, myth and science. The wolf as the object of all passions

    Contributor(s):: Bobbé, Sophie

  11. Impact du loup sur les bergers salarié des Alps du sud

    Contributor(s):: Mallen, Marc

  12. Monarchy and the fight against wolves in the Dauphiné during the second half of the 18th century

    Contributor(s):: Favier, Rene

  13. Reactions against the return of wolves in France. An attempt at analysis taking the [rumours] seriously

    Contributor(s):: Campion-Vincent, Veronique

  14. Size, shape and development in the evolution of the domestic dog

    Contributor(s):: Morey, Darcy F.

  15. The advantages and disadvantages of being domesticated

    Contributor(s):: Groves, Colin P.

  16. The wolf arrival in the French Alps and the transformation of the relations to the wild

    Contributor(s):: Mauz, Isabelle

  17. Towards the necessity of a new interactive approach integrating ethnology, ecology and ethology in the study of the relationship between Kyrgyz stockbreeders and wolves

    Contributor(s):: Lescureux, Nicolas

  18. Town wolf and country wolf

    Contributor(s):: Garde, Laurent

  19. Two new dogs, and other Natufian dogs, from the southern Levant

    Contributor(s):: Tchernov, Eitan

  20. Why dance with wolves?

    Contributor(s):: Dalla Bernardina, Sergio