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  1. Art Can Save a Panda: Dr. Lucy Spelman at TEDxProvidence

    Contributor(s):: Dr. Lucy Spelman

    Dr. Spelman gives a passionate talk about her work and research around animals and beyond, complete with the obligatory cute animal photos.Dr. Lucy Spelman is one of 156 board-certified zoological medicine specialists in the world. She has an undergraduate degree in biology from Brown University...

  2. Future Animals: Science, Art & Imagination: Dr. Jacqui Mulville at TEDxCardiff 2012

    An early interest in zoology combined with exposure to the thrill of archaeological discovery led Jacqui into the world of zooarchaeology -- the study of human:animal interactions in the past. The result was a career in archaeology that has spread to work on material throughout Britain and across...

  3. Wild Connection: How Do We Connect With Animals? | Leila Goulet | TEDxRoseburg

    We have all had an experience with an animal at some point in our lives… How have these experiences shaped the way we view and interact with living things? What can we do to be the voice of so many vanishing species? In this talk, personal wildlife conservation stories will be explored,...