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  1. Standards for the academic veterinary medical library

    Contributor(s):: Sarah Anne Murphy, Martha A. Bedard, Jill Crawley-Low, Diane Fagen, Jean-Paul Jetté

    The Standards Committee of the Veterinary Medical Libraries Section was appointed in May 2000 and charged to create standards for the ideal academic veterinary medical library, written from the perspective of veterinary medical librarians. The resulting Standards for the Academic Veterinary...

  2. Animals in Ohio long-term care facilities

    Contributor(s):: Jason Stull, Tim Landers, Chelsea Fauver

    There is strong evidence that animals provide many health benefits to residents living in a long-term care facility (Nursing Home). Although animals may provide benefits to this population, there are also health risks associated with animal interactions. This brochure provides long-term care...

  3. Zoonoses

    Contributor(s):: M.C. Atapattu

  4. Zoonoses: Animal to human diseases

    Contributor(s):: E. Fevre, D. Grace

    This resource is a media briefing regarding the control of zoonotic diseases, the Bird Flu outbreak in China, and the connection between urban agriculture and human health.

  5. ILRI scientists put livestock squarely on the (human) health table

    Contributor(s):: D. Grace, J. McDermott

    This report is a think piece that discusses veterniary scientist Delia Grace and veterinary researcher John McDermott and their work with the connection between livestock and human health.

  6. Veterinary scientists address human illnesses associated with livestock

    Contributor(s):: D. Grace

    For the Novermber 2011 'liveSTOCK Exchange' event at the ILRI, Delia Grace, a veterinary epidemiologist, reflects on ILRI's research in agriculture for human health and nutrition.

  7. Mapping of poverty and likely zoonoses hotspots

    Contributor(s):: D. Grace, F. Mutua, P. Ochungo, R. Kruska, K. Jones, L. Brierley, L. Lapar, M. Said, M. Herrero, P.M. Phuc, N.B. Thao, I. Akuku, F. Ogutu

    The objective of this report is to present data and expert knowledge on poverty and zoonoses hotspots to inform prioritisation of study areas on the transmission of disease in emerging livestock systems in the developing world, where prevention of zoonotic disease might bring greatest benefit to...

  8. Asia - Human health risks from the human-animal interface

    Contributor(s):: J. Otte, D. Grace

    Growing populations and rising living standards in ‘developing countries’ fuelincreasing consumption of food, particularly of higher value food items such as fruit, vegetables, andanimal source food (meat, milk, eggs and fish). Asia, with more than half of the world’s populationand its high...

  9. Agriculture-associated diseases research at ILRI: Neglected zoonoses

    Contributor(s):: E. Fèvre, D. Grace

    Neglected zoonoses thrive in neglected populations and impose burdens on both health and livelihoods. Integrated “One Health” approaches offer new promise in tackling these old diseases.