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  1. What Is the Zoo Experience? How Zoos Impact a Visitor's Behaviors, Perceptions, and Conservation Efforts

    Contributor(s):: Godinez, A. M., Fernandez, E. J.

  2. The effect of zoo visitors on the behaviour and welfare of zoo mammals

    Contributor(s):: Alexandra Farrand

    There is evidence that the presence of the visiting public affects the behaviour of zoo-housed mammals. Understanding the effect of visitors is important in improving animal welfare, achieving zoo conservation goals, increasing visitor education/entertainment, and facilitating interpretation of...

  3. Understanding Visitor Motivations for Attending Fee-based Animal Encounter Programs

    Contributor(s):: Sandra Huynh

    Education programs at zoos and aquariums provide opportunities for visitors to learn and garner information on animal natural history and, hopefully, conservation messaging. Fee-based programs (programs with an additional fee on top of admission prices), which are commonly employed by zoos and...

  4. Evaluative Measures: Assessing the Effectiveness of Exhibits and Programs in Zoos

    Contributor(s):: Drew Johnson

    This thesis examines program and exhibition evaluation as pertaining to zoos and aquariums in the United States from the 1960’s to the present. Research conducted for this thesis focuses on the design, implementation, and evaluation of zoological programs and exhibitions. Also examined are...

  5. Perceptions of zoo visitors about the suitability of Geochelone elegans as a pet based on exhibit design

    Contributor(s):: Shannon Marie Mckinney

    Globally, the pet trade plays an active role in society even though many of the species involved are not always ideal pets. Zoos and other institutes may inadvertently contribute to the problem by housing animals in exhibits which may mislead the public about an animal's suitability as a pet....

  6. From Visit to Action: How Zoo Visitor Characteristics Influence Environmentally-Responsible Behavior

    Contributor(s):: Stephanie Joseph

    Over the last 30 years, AZA-accredited zoos and aquariums have shifted focus from recreation to become centers of research, conservation and education. As awareness of environmental issues increases, zoos around the world have stepped up the challenge of engaging their visitors in learning...

  7. Promoting nonhuman animal welfare: Interactions with caregivers and zoo visitors

    Contributor(s):: Jensvold, Mary Lee, Zager, Lindsay, Bismanovsky, Daniella

    Apes are by nature an extremely social species, and relationships with group members are a critical aspect of life. Apes in captivity also manage relationships with humans including caregivers and visitors to public facilities, and these relationships can affect nonhuman animal welfare. This...

  8. A multi-enclosure study investigating the behavioural response of meerkats to zoo visitors

    Contributor(s):: Sherwen, Sally L., Magrath, Michael J. L., Butler, Kym L., Phillips, Clive J. C., Hemsworth, Paul H.

  9. Behavioral monitoring of big cats involved in 'behind-the-scenes' zoo visitor tours

    Contributor(s):: Szokalski, Monika S., Foster, Wendy K., Litchfield, Carla A.